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The kingdom of Norway has a legacy full of pioneering spirit. Norwegian Omega 3 is the result of over 170 years of experience and development in refining Omega 3 marine oils. Norwegians have been producing omega-3s from refining fish oil since the early 19th century.

Growing up with omega-3s in Norway has been intrinsic to family life here for almost 200 years, the exceptional health attributes have been recognized for generations. It's an ongoing part of the family's daily morning routine across Norway.

Today, tradition and experience allow Norwegian Omega 3 to be the unparalleled authority when it comes to refining Omega-3 – the king of nutritional supplements. Sustainability and honoring the oceans is Norway's first priority Omega-3 – our Omega-3 was the first to be recognized by the sustainable seafood association, Friend of the Sea, and exceeds all international and EU standards.

Sourcing only wild-water fish from the cleanest oceans, we process these fine materials in state-of-the-art production in Ålesund on the west coast of Norway.

Norwegian Omega 3 uses a unique and patented double molecular distillation method to obtain the purest Omega-3 marine oil rich in its natural triglyceride form (TGN Omega-3), while being almost tasteless and odorless as well.

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