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Our love for water and our passion for water sports unites us as business partners and friends. PROCEANIS® and the sea are inseparable. We believe that combining cutting-edge biotechnology with this primordial life-sustaining molecule can hydrate and revitalize the body at a cellular level. This is precisely why we developed a holistic hyaluronic acid dietary supplement to harmonize with the body's natural processes.

We carried out pioneering work with molecular biologists at the University of Hamburg and, in two years, we developed a highly effective hyaluronic acid complex that can be perfectly absorbed by the human body when taken as a liquid food supplement.

In January 2012, the time finally came: we launched the world's first hyaluronic acid beauty drink onto the market. In addition to hyaluronic acid, our drink contains a unique combination of nutrients to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.

Thanks to its success rate, our beauty drink was particularly preferred from the beginning by customers for whom having good skin is essential for their jobs, such as models, and by flight crew, whose skin suffers from the dry air of cabin.

In October 2014, we added ArthroFill to the PROCEANIS® product line, which uses a unique combination of nutrients and hyaluronic acid to support healthy joints.

Since then, our products have spread far and wide. The following year, we began to launch in China and Australia, with our hyaluronic acid products suited to the challenges of life in varying climates.

In May 2019, we brought investors on board and adapted our time-tested hyaluronic acid formula to make our beauty drink even more nourishing and hydrating.

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