In accordance with what already follows from our “PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION DECLARATION” available here, it is part of our policy to inform you in as much detail as possible about the way in which your personal data is processed, namely through the use of cookies. and similar technologies.

As such, we have developed this cookie policy, which is applicable across all uses of our website.


Cookies are small files that are stored on the electronic device through which you access our website, specifically through the browser used for this purpose, and which collect information about your usage habits. The objective is to facilitate and accommodate the use of the website, enhancing and optimizing its functionalities, but, although it is not the only reason for its use, it will also serve other purposes, namely commercial and statistical.


It is important to differentiate between cookies that are temporary (session) and those that are long-lasting* (persistent). The first are only used for the duration of the visit to our website after which they are deleted, and are intended to ensure that you do not have to log in to the website when changing pages. The second ones are stored on your device after you stop using our website for the period indicated on them (expiration date), and are intended to enable you to return to our website and resume your browsing according to the settings initially set by you. defined, for example by saving language settings or registration data.


* Cookies can be deleted at any time, simply by following the instructions provided by your browser, such as:






The use of these technologies is not mandatory, but…! Deleting or blocking a cookie may result in some features of our website becoming obsolete.

Still: our policies aim to collect data under these terms with your express prior authorization.


The cookies used may be ours or may be set by third parties*1. These entities may use cookies that collect personal data from our users only if we understand that they provide the necessary security for your data. Only then will we ask for your authorization to use these cookies.

On the other hand, third-party cookies can be “made” like biscuits… only when you put them in the oven! In other words: if you use other services associated with our website that operate based on similar technologies such as Plug-ins*2.

There are several reasons that may lead us to allow technologies of this nature from third parties on our website:

Because such entities are contracted to provide certain services that justify it, as is the case with Google Analytics services aimed at the statistical analysis of the website. This helps us provide you with a more personalized service and a better browsing experience!

Because our website bridges the server of these entities for the purpose of reproducing content (for example, for reproducing videos from YOUTUBE).

Because website content is shared with these entities (this is what happens, for example, through comments made on social networks, associating the respective accounts on these networks and as is the case with FACEBOOK).

Because we want to provide you with fast, effective and secure payment methods provided by these entities, as with the IFHTENPAY*3 and PAYPAL*4 services.

These entities will now be able to place or read their own cookies on your device, and collect information about the use of our website.


*1 Below, entities that use cookies associated with our services, as well as their respective websites, where you can find their privacy and cookie policies. FACEBOOK INC., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025 United States | GOOGLE LLC, 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

*2 Plug-ins are programs used to enhance the use of services available on the website, particularly when the website itself does not have the necessary tools for the desired effect. This is the case when using JAVA or ADOBE FLASH PLAYER.


Due to the fact that cookies from third-party entities are used, there is the possibility that the stored data will be transferred to countries where these entities are located and which are not necessarily in the European Union. It is not possible for us to control this flow, so the user must check the settings that allow them to give up the use of cookies if they check the respective cookie policies of these entities.*1


*1 In this policy we intend to explain to the user the existence of third-party cookies and the possibility of not having to use them, indicating as far as possible the websites where they can do so and how they can find out about procedures to follow and other doubts that arise.


The cookies used can be differentiated and categorized according to the various purposes that can be associated with them, regardless of whether they are third-party cookies or your own:

NECESSARY – These are always active even if you do not accept our Policy, as they are aimed at the operability of the system. In other words, allowing access to basic navigation functions and secure areas of the website.

LOG IN, AUTHENTICATION - When the user logs in to the website with their account, these cookies store the associated ID number and the login time in encrypted form on their device, allowing them to browse the website or other pages open in the browser without having to log in again every time you return to the website. It is usually a temporary cookie.

- PREFERENCES – This type of cookie stores preference settings, such as language or privacy settings, so that they do not have to be reset each time you return to the website. By their nature, they are long-lasting cookies.

- INFORMATION PROVIDED – This concerns information that the user wants to provide when using the website, as happens, for example, when adding products to a shopping cart. Cookies store these indications of desired products (by way of example), so that you can complete your purchase easily and fluidly. Since you can log out of the website, so that it is possible to resume these options when you log in again, information will be stored using long-lasting cookies.

- TARGETED ADVERTISING – Collects information about the use made of the website (articles viewed, clicks made, advertisements viewed), allowing the user's interests to be identified so that the advertising directed to them is in their best interests. This type of cookies can be used to help advertisers present interest-based advertisements, with the aim of giving the user a personalized experience when visiting our website. These cookies tend to be long-lasting, as they are stored so that they can be read the next time you visit the website.

- STATISTICS – Collect information capable of measuring the efficiency of the services provided and the commercial activity carried out, for example by collecting the IP address of website visitors and controlling their number of visits, all with a view to developing statistics on the operations available to the user. Therefore, they are long-lasting cookies.

- SECURITY – These tend to be long-lasting cookies as they aim to avoid risks to the security of the website, namely acts of identity theft in general. They can even be used to help determine the need to implement new security measures.

- PERFORMANCE, ANALYSIS – They seek to understand whether the resources necessary for the good use of the website are available to the user and, whether the accessible tools are the most suitable for this purpose; towards continuous performance improvement.


This website uses services provided by Google LLC ("GOOGLE"):


In particular, its website analytics services “Google Analytics”…

For this purpose, we use GOOGLE's JavaScript - a tool that, frequently using cookies*1 (from the “targeted advertising” and “statistics” categories), stores information relating to visitors to our website, the way in which - and from where - they access it, respective frequency, to analyze the type of use that is made. The information collected about your use of our website is sent to a GOOGLE server and stored there, completing the process of processing this data with the compilation of analytical reports. This information may not be transferred to unauthorized third parties or if the contrary does not result from applicable legislation, nor will GOOGLE associate your IP address with any other data held by you.

You can deactivate this function using an Add-on developed by GOOGLE precisely to help you, for this purpose see the link:


As well as its support services against anti-spam practices – such as the “GOOGLE NO CAPTCHA RECAPTCHA PRO - ANTI SPAM” plugin.

This Plug-in only requires the user to prove that they are human and not a machine. The aim is always to ensure your safety when using our website!

It collects personal data by evaluating the circumstances in which the user of our website (or the machine!) claims to be human: it will check the cookies that GOOGLE uses on our website to cross-reference information, as well as the browser, settings, preferences and others … in other words: to the extent necessary to analyze whether we are facing an intruder!

For more information about this entity's Privacy Policy:


*1 The use of these technologies may imply that the content collected through them is transferred outside the European Union, creating what we already call “cross-border data transfer”.

*2 As an example, we give the action of “sharing” something or “liking” something, by clicking on the appropriate “button”.

*3 This means that our website works as a bridge to that of our service providers.

*4 In particular, you are allowing these entities to see that the connection was established from our website, and even create user profiles or associate directly with profiles already created, with the data provided by the user in the Plug-in available on our website.


We also use these technologies to…

…manage to inform the registered user!

The status of the shopping cart and that you have not yet completed your order!

Whenever you are preparing an order, namely adding products to the shopping cart, and do not complete the order, we will inform you that there are just a few steps left for you to do so.


You can consult our table * 1 of cookies where we want to identify the different types used on our website .


This table lists the cookies used. It can be updated at any time.

1. OWN:

Cookie ID


Cookie ID



They are necessary for the operation of the store and last for the duration of one session. They serve marketing purposes.


They are technical and are used for the functioning of the online chat and are removed when you delete it. They serve marketing purposes.


Session cookie . Saves the ID. ZOPIM LIVE chat username. Recognizes devices. They serve marketing purposes.


During session, they save the user's page settings for 1 year. They serve marketing purposes.


Cookie ID


Cookie ID



Used by GOOLE to identify page requests by users. Session cookies for statistical purposes.


User session ID to generate statistical data on website usage. C session cookies for statistical purposes.


Used by GOOLE to determine website usage for statistical purposes. Duration: 2 years. For statistical purposes.


From GOOGLE to identify users and sessions. Duration: 2 years. For statistical purposes.


Facebook session cookie to record log-ins . They serve marketing purposes.


They are from ZOPIM.COM and store information for 6 days. For statistical purposes.


From GOOGLE to determine whether the user is in a new session/visit. Session. For statistical purposes.


From GOOGLE to determine new sessions/visits. Session. For statistical purposes.


From DATATABLES.NET, needed to identify secure traffic. Duration: 1 year.


From ZOPIM.COM, necessary to identify safe traffic. Duration: 1 year.


You may request the information you deem necessary regarding the processing and treatment thereof, being aware that a fee may be applied in the case of unfounded or excessive requests. You can do so by sending an email to or calling 960 310 673.

To this end, we may require elements that prove the status of holder of the personal data who intends to exercise their rights.

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