Hello, I'm Patrícia Ribeiro and I'm the founder of OOLLIVE.

I have a degree in Food Engineering and a postgraduate degree in Functional Nutrition and Orthomolecular Therapeutics. Furthermore, I am a mother of two little ones, a housewife, a businesswoman and an entrepreneur, and I am passionate about life and well-being.

I created OOLLIVE because I realized a personal need to look for supplements that would help me have energy, focus, concentration and restful sleep, and above all that would help me feel in balance with my body and help me maintain a healthy lifestyle. healthy, I combine it with my very active lifestyle... from this need, OOLLIVE was born. It is an online store that offers premium supplements formulated with high quality, natural ingredients and free from harmful substances that are harmful to the body.

I believe that taking care of ourselves is a form of love, and OOLLIVE reflects this belief in its product selection. Furthermore, we believe that our inner well-being has a significant impact on our outer well-being and quality of life.

OOLLIVE's mission is to help women achieve excellence in their health and well-being by providing premium supplements and valuable information on functional nutrition and biohacking.

We are committed to offering an extraordinary shopping experience with the selection of the best brands and products, as well as highly committed customer service.

We are very happy to be part of the OOLLIVE family and we hope to help improve your health and quality of life.

Lift your health, lift your life

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